Why Fans?

Why Do We Need Extract Fans?


The air we breathe is one of our most essential needs. When it is thought that in average we breathe 24,000 times a day, the importance of having clean air can be easily understood.


Today, people spend 85% of their lives in closed places such as offices and homes. Contamination of air in these places with dust, cigarette smoke, mold, moisture, unnoticed heavy metals, pollens, viruses, bacteria and acarus may cause various health problems. Thus, EXTRACT FANS are needed for enhancing indoor air quality which directly affects human health and working performance, in other words, for cleaning the air breathed and most importantly, for maintaining the freshness of air. 


Four steps explained below must be followed for being able to design a ventilating system capable of providing the required indoor air quality and to select the right extract fan for the system designed.


(A) Four Basic Steps for Fan Selection

1) Calculating required air flow volume.

2) Determining suitable sound level (acoustic calculation).

3) Calculating pressure losses.

4) Selecting the right fan by the help of fan performance curves. 



(B) Additional Factors Affecting Fan Selection


  •  Electrical connection properties of the fan (voltage, frequency, number of phases, etc.).
  • Dimensions of the fan.
  • Installation type of the fan (wall type, ceiling type, etc.).
  • Operation options for the fan (time-delayed, speed regulator, accessories of the product, etc.).



In addition to the four basic steps given under title (A) above, additional factors given under title (B) must be also considered for extract fan selection: