Example Application 1


Problem :

Bathroom Ventilation

Solution :

Dimensions of the Room :3m x 2m x 2,2m 

Air inlets and outlets:
1 air inlet and 1 air outlet

Duct to Be Used:
Ø 100 mm flexible aluminum duct

Fan to Be Used:
Ceiling type extract fan with 230V/50Hz power supply and 3 minutes time delay operation. 


1. Calculating amount of air needed:

2. Acoustic calculation:

Sound pressure absorption capacity of the walls is ignored, since the volume of the place is too low (∆L=0).

3. Calculating pressure losses:

  • Pressure Losses in Ducting:


  • Pressure Losses at Bends:
    1 piece of T-connection: The connection with fan duct and main shaft

  • Dynamic Pressure:


  • Total Pressure Loss: 



4. Fan Selection by the Help of the Performance Curve:

In the light of the data obtained, a fan capable of generating 18 Pa minimum pressure difference at 80 m3/hour air flow volume must be chosen.

AIRCOL- Springand AIRCOL-Spring Light models are thought to be ideal solutions for the application.