Products Silence Series Aircol - Summer

Aircol - Summer

Fields of Use

  • Small and medium sized places:
  • Suitable for ventilation of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, residences, offices, workplaces, storerooms, garages, etc.
  • Suitable especially for being installed to the ceiling and used with a connection duct.

Product Features

  • An indispensable part of decorative places with its very slim and elegant front view.
  • Easy installation on ceilings with thickness between 0.5 and 20 mm thanks to the registered special adjustable installation mechanism.
  • Provides the highest possible protection against external factors such as malodors and moisture, and maintains its initial appearance thanks to the high-quality ABS plastic material used.
  • Possibility to produce fans with desired flow rate and speed values (80 – 100 m3/hour) based on the properties of the place of use.
  • When the fan is not in use, indoor are area is protected from external effects such as dust, malodor and cold, and heat loss from inside to outside is prevented thanks to the air outlet flap.
  • Front cover can be very easily removed and cleaned by being washed or rubbed off.
  • Minimum sound level and high pressure suction thanks to the optimum motor, body and fan design.
  • Self lubricating motor bearings offer a silent and long-life performance.
  • IPX4 protection against water splash.
  • Class-II protection which does not require earth connection.
  • All products are manufactured in accordance with the EN 60335-2-80, Low Voltage Equipment [2006/95/EC] and Electromagnetic Compatibility [2004/108/EC] norms.

Options of Use

 Can be directly controlled with an on-off button, or operate in parallel connection to a lamp.
 The fan can be provided to continue to operate for a certain length of time after being switched off, by use of a time delay electronic card.
 Thermal protection with sensors against overheating in hot places.
 Special production for the ambience of the place with various color options.


(Volt/Hz) 230/50


(A) 0.21


(Watt) 23

Air Flow Volume 

(m³/hour) 100


(Rpm) 2100


(Pa) 135

Sound pressure level (@1,5m)

(dB (A)) 29

Min/Max Ambient Temperature

(ºC) -30 / 40


(Kg)   1


 ABS plastic

Protection Class / IP

 II / IP34

Motor Insulation Class






Installation Examples

1-Crate a hole of 160 x 160 mm on the installation surface.
2-Be sure that flanges of the adjustable installation apparatus are fully pushed into the extract fan.
3-Afterwards, place the fan in the hole as seen in the figure, firstly the air outlet and then the remaining part.
4-Push the flanges of the adjustable installation apparatus outward in order to install the fan on the ceiling.
5-Fix the fan to the ceiling by fastening the screws of the adjustable installation apparatus as seen in the figure.
6-nstall the front cover of the extract fan as seen in the figure by use of the four screws given with the product.
7-Lastly, place the screw caps.