Products TCF 80 Series AKS - 80 - 370

AKS - 80 - 370

Fields of Use

  • It's suitable to use in all industrial applications with heating or cooling purposes, where air flow is necessary.

Product Features

  • Our product, body of which is produced by high quality galvanized steel sheet and extrusion aluminium profile and fan of which by aluminium, is resistant to heat and similar hard operating conditions.
  • The aluminum fan having thin flaps and leaning foreword (Ǿ 80 mm), is providing optimum performance with its lightness, high flow rate and low sound level.
  • Our product has successfully passed dynamic and static balance tests in accordance with ISO 1940 standards, and can make the same amount of air transfer continuously with minimum vibration.
  • Our product can be specially produced for the customers by being installed between 14400 Rpm - 2650 Rpm in desired revolution and in desired motor and voltage input terminal positions.
  • Thanks to its outside Rotor capacitor monophase motor, low energy consumption and high productivity were obtained.
  • Thanks to bedding provided with high quality bearing, silent and long life performance is obtained.
  • Motor is included in H insulation class.
  • Our products are manufactured in accordance with EN 60335-2-80, Low Voltage Equipment [2006-95-EC] and Electromagnetic Compatibility [2004-108-EC]

Options of Use

Standard use with the on-off button.

 Possibility to use at desired speed by use of speed control devices.
 Thermal protection with sensors against overheating in hot places.



(Volt/Hz) 230/50


(A) 0,45


(Watt) 105

Air Flow Volume 

(m³/hour) 890


(Rpm) 2620



Sound pressure level (@3m) 

(dB (A)) 53

Min/Max Ambient Temperature 

(ºC) -30/80


(Kg)  4


Body   Galvanized steel sheet ve Aluminum profile
Fan   Aluminum

Protection Class

  IP 44

Motor Insulation Class 




Installation Examples